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    Introducing Quad-Stat D6


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    Introducing Quad-Stat D6 Empty Introducing Quad-Stat D6

    Post by GM_Kabal on Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:15 am

    If you're reading this, then you're most likely interested in playing our forum RPG: A.V.A.P. Either that, or you just wandered here and want to know what the hell you're looking at. Well, simply put, A.V.A.P. (Avalon's Valiant Adventure Project) is a Role Playing Game that you can play on our forum. We have plenty of things to choose from, races, classes, alignments, deities and more! Before you can do that though, you need to know quite a few things about the game system we'll be using.

    D&D D20 3rd edition, our first choice, was too complex for a forum game and we thought Tri-Stat DX system was too broad in certain aspects. Our system is inspired from it, but we expanded it by adding a fourth stat, without sacrificing much of the simplicity. The Quad-Stat D6 system was born.

    As said earlier, and as the name implies, four stats are used to determine a character's characteristics: Body, Moxie, Mind and Soul. Body is used to determine the strength and health of a character. Moxie is used to determine how agile and dexterous you are and to calculate your stamina. Mind is used for intelligence, memory and determines how much mana you have. And Soul determines your luck and your willpower. When assigning stats, keep in mind that a stat value of 4 is the human adult average, and a value of 12 is the maximum in this game.

    Why is 12 the maximum rather than 10 or 20? Simply because we use two six sided dices to determine success of every actions that require a check. Your roll has to be equal or below the check value, and the difference between check value and rolled value determines the degree of success or failure with twelve being a critical failure and two being a critical success. Twelve being the maximum possible value from such a roll, a stat of 13 would not increase success rate at all. This, however, does not mean that anything is possible when you reach the maximum stat.

    For example, trying to punch a hole in a wall would require a Body check, with a bonus or penalty depending on thickness and material of said wall. Attempting to split the earth, on the other hand, would require godlike strength, which is far above a stat of 12, the maximum human achievement, and would result in an automatic failure without a roll.

    Your character also has abilities. Think of them as special powers while skills should be considered knowledge.

    You'll be playing in the Realm of Eternal War, in a Low Fantasy campaign. Lord of the Rings and most D&D campaigns are Low Fantasy, so it should feel familiar. You are an adventurer whose motivations, abilities, race, age, gender and more are of your choosing. To select all of those, use all the documentation available in the "Player's Handbook", any questions you may still have, should be asked in the "Help and Support" thread, in the "General Discussion" forum. These threads will only be available to you once you register to this forum though.

    So what are you waiting for? Register now and join a forum RPG where Game Masters are working hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

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