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    Teh Tale..of Teh Homeless dude!

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    Teh Tale..of Teh Homeless dude!

    Post by misa-chan on Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:24 am

    Moi et Sébastien (le frère a JF) on étais au métro Honoré-Beaugrand. Y'a un monsieur robineu qui nous demande du change, mais ont lui a dit que nous, ont en avais pas!

    Le robineu se retourne vers nous et dit: Ah, s'pas grave! J'vas demander a quelqu'un de m'acheter des cigarettes! Tsé, moé, j'suis un fumer invertébré*!

    Quand y'est partis, Moi et Sébastien ont est partis a rire XD Et ont se demandais, vue que le monsieur est invertébré, si il est comme un ver de terre!

    *Le robineu voulait dire qu'il étais un fumeur invétéré.


    Me and Sébastien (JF's brother) we were at the Honoré-Beaugrand subway station. There was a homeless guy that asked us for spare change, but we told him that we didn't have any!

    The hobo turns toward us and says: Ah, doesn't matter! I'll ask someone to buy me some cigarettes! 'Cause, me, I'm an invertebrate* smoker!

    When he was gone, me and Sébastien we started laughing XD And we wondered, since the guy was invertebrate, if he was like a worm!

    *The hobo meant to say he was an inveterate smoker.

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    Re: Teh Tale..of Teh Homeless dude!

    Post by GM_Kabal on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:58 pm

    Ok, this has gone on for WAY too long. Comments were archived, please refrain from any further useless comments. This applies to ALL involved.

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